Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden, Kankaria

Kamla Nehru Zoological garden which is popularly known as Kankaria Zoo is located at Kankaria, Ahmedabad. Kamla Nehru Zoological garden a perfect holiday retreat by the majestic banks of the tranquil Kankaria Lake

Designed by the famous zoological expert Reuben David, this zoo has been the abode of different animals, reptiles, birds and mammals belonging to different species. Apart from housing the birds and beasts in a protective surrounding, the zoo authorities are also organizing programs like ‘Friends of Zoo’, which is aimed at encouraging the corporate professionals and individuals to adopt animals to promote wildlife protection and disseminate information about wildlife among citizens. Visited by a large number of enthusiasts every year, this zoo renders serene and tranquil atmosphere through its lush greenery and rich varieties. It has also been an ideal place for informal outings and picnics with friends and family members. Visiting this park with children can be an enchanting experience.

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