Science City

The Gujarat Science City at Ahmedabad, set up by the Government of Gujarat is to highlight its eagerness to promote scientific thought and develop in the field of science and technology. Located on Sola Santej Road, the Gujarat Science City offers extensive educational and entertainment options to the tourists. Set up in the year 1960, this great concern had received laurels both from the general public and the ace educationalists. 

It's an educational and entertainment zone with its amazing displays, laboratories, activity corners and live demonstration shows have become a major places to go for sightseeing in Ahmedabad.


IMAX 3D Theater:

Main attraction of the Gujarat Science City is the IMAX 3 D Theater. The theatre has screens, which are eight stories high. The IMAX experience is truly fantastic and is a favorite amongst the children. Some of the shows that are worth watching include Mystic India and First City in Space.

Hall Of Space & Hall Of Science:


Hall of Space & Hall of Science at the Science City have been planned as a high-tech exhibition including current techniques with an field of 20,000 sq ft. The Gujarat Govt. of is keen to make such Gujarat Science City as will be become a role model for the growing global.

This is a place that does not have a display “please don’t touch”. This new exhibit hall in the Science City urges the visitors to touch and manipulate the exhibits to their liking. 

It has following attractions:

Spark Theatre, Power Transmission, Gear, Power Bicycle, Angular Velocity, Anti Gravity, Celestial Motion, Loop, Lift your own weight, Sound Exhibits, Doppler’s Effect, Eco Sound, Convarsation Piece, Grand Shuttle, Aerodynamics, Flying of Aero plane, Aquamobil, Feel Fly, Bernaulli’s Ball, Pnuematic Mail, Floating Ball, Lissajous Pendulum, ProbabilitY, Mobious Band, Hyperbola, Elliptical Carom Board, Elliptical Wave Tank,Parabola, Mirror Maze, Pendulums, Vision, Sterio Vision, Light Island, Captive shadow/Color Shadow, You and Me, Multiple Reflections, I Fly, Bodyless Head, Mirror/Glass Exhibits, Transformation of Energy 

Here you can produce electricity through your own body, make your own magnet, get electricity from the Sun. A giant Energy Ball demonstrates how earth’s gravitational force makes some balls rolling and performing like acrobats to produce sound, light, electricity and kinetic energy in different forms. The Aquamobil is a kinetic water sculpture in which colourful water plays with water wheels, turbines, dancing dolls; makes a giant water lens, sounds musical chimes and gongs, generates electricity, and operates bubblers and fountains to demonstrate basic laws of fluids. A hot air balloon soars up when heated, you can paddle a bicycle to float a ball in air, control a floating ball in air like an aeroplane and operate a pneumatic mail from one point to the other. 

Apart from this, you can also take a look at:

Musical Dancing Fountain : The water effects move or dance with music and interpret each tune in synchronization with light and sound. 

Energy Education Park : It exhibits energy in its five forms - Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Space or Air. 

LED Screen : The LED screen having dimension of 20' x 12' size and uses 1,84,320 tiny LEDs to play a character or to depict the story lines.

The Gujarat Science City, 
Village Hebatpur, Sola-Santej Road,
Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway,

Accessibility : Bus Services, Cabs - Easily reachable by road. 

Best time to visit : September to February

Visit Timings : 02:00am to 09:00pm. *Timings are subject to vary.

Amusement Park Fee : 5Rs/- for Children(3 to 12 years), 10Rs/- for Adults and Special discounts for school students.

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