Rani Rupmati Mosque, Ahmedabad

Rani Rupmati Mosque in Ahmedabad is one the ancient mosques of the city. Located in Mizapur, in the northern part of the city, this mosque is a shining example of an architecture that is a combination of both Hindu and Muslim Styles.

rani roopmati 

The Rani Rupmati Mosque in Ahmedabad was built between the periods ranging from 1430 to 1440. The mosque was named after Rani Rupmati, the Hindu wife of Sultan Mahmud Begado. The mosque consists of three domes, which are supported by three magnificent pillars. The tomb of Rani Rupmati is located right next to the main mosque.

The Rani Rupmati Masjid, as it is also known, is a clear example of Indo-Sarcenic architecture. The structure has three huge domes, one central arch, thin and slender minarets and galleries with exquisite carvings. The three dome of the mosque are connected to one other by a flat roof. The dome lying in the center is slightly elevated so as to allow natural light inside the mosque. Each of the domes of the mosque are supported by 12 magnificent pillars. The small domes located in the front, rear and at the center rise in crescent like shape. Once you enter from the side entrance you can get to see two balcony windows on either side. The entrance ends at a window on the other end. The stylish Rani Rupmati Mosque in Ahmedabad is splendid piece of architecture that is worth taking a look. The mosque, however, lost some of its minarets in the earthquake of 1818.

Located close to the mosque are the Mosque of Muhafiz Khan and the Saiyad Usman Mausoleum. These structures are known for their corner minarets and exquisitely carved arches. You can also check out the Mosque of Hasan Muhammad Chisti to check out the Indian Jali work.

By visiting this mosque you can make sightseeing in Ahmedabad a rich, educational and fruitful experience. The Rani Rupmati Mosque in Ahmedabad with its architectural marvel is a glaring example of India's rich art and cultural heritage.

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