TOP 5 Reasons why Uttarayan means a lot to Gujaratis

Gujju's loves to fly kites and that's why UTTARAYAN is favorite festival of many Gujarati's. 

People get ready early in the morning and go to their or friends terrace or ground where they are comfortable and fly kites. Kids who find difficult to get up early for their school, college or classes manages to get up at 5am on 14th January and starts flying kites. Its very wonderful scene where you will see the whole family on the rooftop of the building and enjoy this festival by eating Undhiyu, Jalebi, Til Ladoos, Shing Chikki, Adadiya, etc. This festival leads to social gathering of family and friends.

On the day of UTTARAYAN it looks like a “war in the sky”. There is huge kites, special kite-string coated with glue and glass to be sharp as possible for cutting strings of the rival kites. The kite and string seller are seen on the street from December till 15th January. The kite flying festival does not end after sunset. People fly white kites so that can be seen in the darkness. The Lanterns are attached to the Kites and are flown high in the sky, looking like bright stars.Its now time to see the sky brighten up with tukkals. It makes it the most amazing breath-taking visual imagery.

In Ahmedabad every year International Kite Festival is organized at Sabarmati Riverfront. For this Kite Flying Experts from Japan, Italy, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, France, China, and many more visit Gujarat to participate in this Kite Festival.

 Below list 5 things that why UTTARAYAN mean a lot to Gujarati's.

Flying Colorful Kites
Uttarayan is all about having fun while having kites in the sky. This festive marks a great enthusiasm amongst all along with mouth watering dishes.
Flying colorful kites with a strong manja is enjoyed by everyone.

Uttarayan not only means flying kites but also eating Undhiyu, Jalebi, Til Ladoos, Shing Chikki, Adadiya and Sherdi and Bor too. One has to constantly munch on these dry sweets and savouries along with strategizing new plan.


Terraces filled with People
During uttarayan people get on their terraces from morning till night to celebrate, to fly kites through the day with their friends and family.

Uttarayan is a great festival to fight with your competitor and cut their kites and shouting "Kai Po Che", "eee Lapet", etc.

Beautiful Night with Tukkals
After spending morning and afternoon with colorful kites, its now time to see the sky brighten up with tukkals. It makes it the most amazing breath-taking visual imagery.

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