NOBEL PRIZE EXHIBITION - Nobel Prize Series India 2017 Ahmedabad

THE Exhibition on Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World is a new, international travelling exhibition produced by the Nobel Museum. The exhibition focuses on Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize, Nobel Laureates and on how Nobel Prize-awarded work has shaped our world and continues to change it. The exhibition includes unique objects and documents, artistic interpretations and advanced exhibition technology. The exhibit clearly shows, like all Nobel Museum exhibitions, that ideas really can change the world.

Gujarat Science City, Sardar Patel Ring Road, Hebatpur, Ahmedabad  Click Here to view Map

OPEN FOR PUBLIC: Till 12 February, 2017

TIME: 10:0 AM to 08:00 PM


The exhibition consists of five pavilions with five different themes:

1. The Nobel Prize provides an introduction to the Nobel Prize and its categories. It showcases original objects that reflect the ground-breaking work done by Nobel Laureates.
2. Alfred Nobel introduces the entrepreneur Alfred Nobel, his inventions and industrial operations and the background to his famous will.
3. The Nobel Prize over the Decades provides an overview of the history of the Nobel Prize and of the Nobel Laureates and their work. It shows the Nobel Prize’s interaction with world events, social development, economic cycles and currents of  ideas.
4. The Nobel Prize in Our Daily Lives demonstrates the link between Nobel Prize awarded efforts and our everyday lives within such fields as mobile telephony, vaccines and new materials.
5. The Nobel Prize and the Future invites visitors to discuss how Nobel Prize-awarded discoveries can influence the future and what kind of achievements future Nobel Prizes might recognize.

This is a Golden opportunity not only for students and researchers but for everyone...........Don't miss it..!!! 


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