Ahmedabad - Climate

Ahmedabad constitutes Tropical Savanna Climate with main three seasons: summer, monsoon and winter. Aside from monsoon weather mainly remains dry. 

In summer i.e. from march to June the weather remains hot and temperature ranges from maximum of 45®C (i.e. 113®F) to minimum of 23®C (73®F). 

Monsoon season in Ahmedabad prevails during mid June to mid September with an average rainfall of 93.2 cm (36.7 inches), but sometimes frequent heavy rain causes flood.

From November to February the maximum average temperature is 30®C (85®F) to minimum of15®C (59®F) and the climate remains extremely dry. Cold winds from north makes the weather mild chill in the month of January. The highest temperature recorded is 47®C (116.6®F) and minimum of 5®C (41®F).

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