Ahmed Shah’s Mosque, Ahmedabad

Ahmed Shah’s Mosque at Ahmedabad In India was established almost simultaneously with the city. The mosque was built in 1414, three years after the establishment of the city. The Mosque is built in the conventional architectural style with a dome and minarets. In front of the mosque is a well maintained garden. The mosque is situated to the south-west of the Bhadra Fort


The mosque was built on the site of a Hindu temple which was devastated and parts of which was incorporated into the structure of the mosque itself.

The Ahmed Shah’s Mosque is now one of the major monuments in Ahmedabad and well revered among Muslim pilgrims. Demolition of Hindu temples was a rage among the Afghan and Muslim rulers and invaders during the Middle Ages. 10th century onwards, with the invasion of Mahmud Ghazni, invasion by Afghan rulers became a common affair. And the places that were worst hit by these invasions were the northern and western states owing to their geographical position.

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