Hutheesing Jain Temple

Apart from the Muslim monuments, Ahmedabad contains a number of Hindu and Jain temples. The Jain shrine, known as the Hutheesing temple, is one of them. A rich Jain merchant Shri Kesarising Hutheesing built this temple outside Delhi Gate in 1850.


Embellished with intricate carvings and built in white marble, the Hatheesing Jain temple is one of the best ornate Jain temple in Ahmedabad designed by Premchand Salat and dedicated to Dharamnath, the 15th Jina or Jain apostle. The main temple is a two-storied structure with elaborate porches on three sides and front porch crowned by a large dome. The temple here is surrounded by 52 small temples. It was built at a cost of Rs 10 Lakhs, a sum unimaginable in those days.

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