Jumma Masjid, Ahmedabad

The Jumma Masjid in Ahmedabad is located at the heart of the old city. Built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1423, the mosque is a fine specimen of architechture. It is made of yellow sandstone and reflects the ethnic blend of Hindu and Islamic art. It has 260 pillars which support 15 domes of varying heights. 


The Jumma Masjid in Ahmedabad was originally called the Masjid-i-Jahanuma . The term means a mosque which commands the view of the world.  Also, at the north gate of the mosque, there is a cupboard which contains some relics of Mohammad. These are Korans which are written on deerskin, a sandal and footprint inscribed on a marble slab and red beard. The Jumma Masjid is an excellent example of architechture in the Indo-Saracenic style which was a patent of Ahmed Shah. Till today, it serves as a prayer place for hundreds of Muslims. Also, the beauty of the mosque deserves to be mentioned. There is a white marble paved courtyard with a pool in the center. 


It provides a perfect atmosphere of calm and tranquility amidst the bustling city life of Ahmedabad.
Often described as the most beautiful mosque in India, the entrance on its Eastern side contains the mausoleum of Sultan Ahmed Shah. This is better known as Roja, which was a tribute given to the emperor by his son Mohammad Shah II . The mosque contains the graves of the three great rulers of the Shah dynasty in Gujarat- Ahmed Shah I , Mohammad Shah and his grandson, Qutub-ud-din Ahmed Shah.

The Mosque also forms a very important aspect of Sightseeing in Ahmedabad. It is really remarkable that even after 6 centuries; the Masjid has successfully avoided the onslaught of Time. 


It was only once that after a lapse of 100 years, the tomb of the mosque was repaired and the walls engraved by a nobleman named Farhatul Maluk.

The Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad is indeed a great place to visit.

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