Kite Museum

One of the most unique Museums in Ahmedabad is the Kite Museum which was established in 1985. The Kite Museum, Ahmedabad is located in Sanskar Kendra which is the most popular venue of various cultural activities.  The museum has a fabulous collection of kites from all over the world, various photographs as well. 

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Kite Museum is open from 10:00 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 18:00 hrs on all days except Mondays.

This museum in Ahmedabad houses an extraordinary collection of rare kites built over 50 years by a man called Bhanubhai Shah. For 50 years Bhanubhai Shah has carefully treasured these uniquely crafted kites. From colorful to large sizes, these kites not only were meant to adorn the blue sky but stands out as an example of rare collectibles.

From kites that have been crafted from 400 pieces of paper to the different kites of unique colors, one can get a glimpse of huge kites which are 22 by 16 feet to some of the smallest kites as well. The kites are made from different materials as well. The materials include polythene, spinacle nylon, cotton and paper. From miniature paintings of Radha Krishna to the intricately crafted sequences of garba dances, mirror work and block prints, the kites in Kite Museum, Ahmedabad are of different varieties and attract tourists specially the kids.

One of the most lavishly designed and decorated kites in the Kite Museum, Ahmedabad are the hexagonal Rokoku which are beautiful Japanese kites. On your tour to Ahmedabad do not miss the Japanese kites in the Kite Museum, Ahmedabad. Besides this you can get to see a kite where a sequence from Garba is depicted while Krishna and Radha's Raas Lila was also painted in one of the kites in Kite Museum, Ahmedabad.

A visit to the Kite Museum, Ahmedabad is an enriching experience for the travelers as they get to know more about this age old sport of India.

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