Over 1.09 lakh Ahmedabad youth unemployed!

Even as the Gujarat government tom-toms about fast industrial growth and job creation over the past decade, Ahmedabad, the financial capital of the state, is home to more than one lakh unemployed youth.

Sorry figures released by the government show that a total of 1,09,619 youths were registered with different employment exchanges in Ahmedabad district as of August 31, 2011.

Of these, 76,875 were registered in Ahmedabad city alone, which has seen rapid industrial and commercial development in recent years, and is touted to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

This information was provided by labour and employment minister Vaju Vala in a written reply to a question by Dhandhuka MLA Ranchhod Mer in the state assembly.

More than 16,600 persons were registered with the employment exchange in Daskroi taluka, followed by over 5,200 in Sanand taluka. In the last few years, Sanand has undergone a major change and attracted massive investments.

Over 2,800 and 2,100 unemployed youths were registered with employment exchanges in Dholki and Viramgam talukas.

The minister also informed that 1,54,500 unemployed, including 1,25,431 in Ahmedabad city, procured jobs in the three-year period from September 1, 2008 to August 30, 2011.

"In the three years, employment was provided to 78,666 persons in Ahmedabad district. More than 74,000 persons registered with employment exchanges were provided employment in Ahmedabad city," the minister said in the reply.

Close to 1,600 unemployed persons were provided jobs in Sanand taluka, followed by 933 in Daskroi, 568 in Dhandhuka and 562 in Dholka, the reply added.

According to the government, there were 6,842 educated unemployed belonging to the minority community in Ahmedabad district by the end of July 2011, while the number of SC unemployed people was 29,374.

Source : DNA

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