One of the most celebrated festivals of Gujarat. In the month of January, people of Ahmedabad in numbers beyond all comprehension gather on terraces to fly kites of various colours to celebrate Makar Sanskranti or Uttrayana, the welcome to the sun after the cold winter months. The atmosphere at the festival is electrifying-glass strenghtened threads of the Indian fighter kites are matched against each other in the air, and the kite fighter who cuts the other thread is the victor. At night, the activity does not end-kites with Chinese type lanterns are flown and held aloft, looking like bright twinkling stars. Typical food like Undiya, sugar cane juice and local sweets are served to celebrate the day.
To promote the festival, Tourism Corporation of Gujarat organizes a kite festival, with kite fighting matches, other competitions and exhibitions by kite flying clubs from all over the world. Local sightseeing tours for members of kite flying clubs and tourists are organized before and after the festival. A trip to the Kite museum at Paldi, which is one of the few of it's kind in the world with over 100 kites collected by Bhanu Shah is part of the festival package.
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