Anaconda In Kankaria Zoo Ahmedabad

anaconda_ahmedabad The rarest species Anaconda has finally arrived in Kankaria zoo of Ahmedabad. It was the much awaited guest of Kankaria zoo. Four baby Anacondas have arrived in zoo all the way from Sri Lanka. Two years ago Superintendent of Kankaria zoo RK sahoo had met with authorities of Sri Lanka zoo at that time Sri Lanka promised to give Anaconda to India. And from that day preparation was going on in zoo to welcome the royal guest. They were brought from Sri Lanka to Cochin and then to Mumbai by flight after that from Mumbai to Ahmedabad they were transported by road. In Kankaria they are kept in a special chamber so that can adapt to the climatic condition. Anaconda belongs to Bova family which is found in Amazon of South America,Vaninzula and south central Brazil. In Kankaria among four babies Anaconda there are two male and two female Anacondas of 3 years old.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) chief Guruprasad Mohapatra said that the anaconda is likely to arrive in Kankaria by January 2012.

Mohapatra told the media on Saturday, “One of the rarest species of the world, the anaconda will arrive in the city by January.” Zoo Superintendent of Kankaria Dr RK Sahoo had participated in the recently held South Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation (SAZARC) meet, where it was decided that the babies of an anaconda in the National Zoo of Sri Lanka will be sent to Ahmedabad." He further said that presently the complicated procedure of animal exchange is being carried out, for which Sri Lanka is preparing to send the endangered species by flight to Chennai. The four snakes will later be brought to Mumbai from Chennai and then by road from Mumbai.

“But we will initially keep the four species in a special cage so that they get adapted to the city's climate. After one month, the creature will be available for public viewing,” added Mohapatra. The city will get green anacondas, which originate in South America. The species weigh around 68-180 kgs and are 3-9 metres long.

The anacondas are expected to attract hundreds of visitors to the zoo. "This is the biggest gift for us. I have been here for the past 22 years. This is the first time that we have imported any animal. This is good for an Ahmedabad zoo. This will attract lots of visitors. People were asking for international animals," said Dr. R.K Sahu, the Superintendent of Kankaria Zoo.

"After these anacondas in the zoo, people will be eager and people in large numbers will come to see them. Especially the school children who have seen pictures of anacondas, they will get to see the anacondas in this zoo,” he added.

A campaign has been started wherein the estate officials demolish and clear illegal obstructions in front of commercial complexes to make way for parking. The areas which actually should be used for parking are used for other purposes or for private activity, which the estate officials will demolish." Sharing some figures, he said that the campaign which began on November 14 has till now demolished obstructions in front of more than 100 buildings.

Interestingly, a team of officials from the Afghanistan government will visit the city on November 21 to understand the successful implementation of solid waste management and water sanitation by the civic body. Also, on November 24-25, the mayors and elected wing in the corporation of six cities of India, Shimla, Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Gangtok, Indore and Jaipur, will visit the city under the JnNURM Pearl programme of the Ministry of Urban Development.

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