Baby Anacondas on display from 25th Dec.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has lined up a Christmas gift for you. Four baby anacondas which arrived at the Kankaria zoo on November 26 will be on display for public from December 25. These baby anacondas were gifted to Ahmedabad by National Zoological Garden, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. R K Sahu, superintendent of Kamla Nehru zoo in Kankaria said, "Of the four anacondas, two are males and two females. The two 18-monthold snakes are two-metre long, while the other two reptiles which are nearly 3-year-old are three metre long." Sahu met zoo authorities from Sri Lanka during a zoo conference in Nepal.
As per the protocol sent along with the reptiles, the zoo authorities had to quarantine them for four weeks. "Fortunately for the zoo, the four weeks end on Saturday evening. Hence the reptiles will be on display for common public from Sunday," he said. The week-long Kankaria Carnival also begins on Sunday. The zoo is expecting a rush during the carnival because of the four baby anacondas.

Source : TOI

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