Darwajas of Ahmedabad

Old Ahmedabad city, Gujarat's commercial and financial centre, was encompassed within a fort. Each of the darwaja has beautiful carvings, calligraphy and some of them even balconies. These entrances to the city has a unique name. Pretty much the area surrounding these gates have adopted the name of darwaja as the name of the locality.

Most people believe that Ahmedabad had 12 gates but some historian suggested to have 16. Later some Indologist found that Ahmedabad had 21 gates.



1. Shahpur Darwaja  2. Halim Darwaja  3. Delhi Darwaja  4. Dariyapur Darwaja  5. Prem Darwaja  6. Kalupur Darwaja  7. Panchkuva Darwaja  8. Sarangpur Darwaja  9. Raipur Darwaja  10. Astodiya Darwaja  11. Mauda Darwaja  12. Jamalpur Darwaja  13. Khan-a-jahan Darwaja  14. Raikhad Darwaja  15. Ganesh Darwaja  16. Kharu Darwaja  17. Bhadra Darwaja  18. Teen Darwaja  19. Lal Darwaja  20. Salapas Darwaja  21. Khanpur Darwaja


  • Teen Darwaja (Tran Darwaja, Three gates) - It is composed of 3 arched entrances was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah to serve as a royal entrance to Maidan Shahi. Mughal emperor Jehangir and his wife Nur Jahan used to watch the Tazia procession of Mahuram from over these gates.


  • Ashtodia Darwaja - Dyes used to be brought into the city through Ashtodia Darwaja, a key trading.


  • Panchkuva Darwaja - Panchkuva Darwaja was built when the city grew in size.


  • Prem Darwaja - Prem Darwaja was used by traders to transport their goods.

          File:Prem Darvaja.jpg

  • Delhi Darwaja (Dilli Darwaja) - Delhi Darwaja, as the name suggests was a transit point to the capital Delhi.

          File:Delhi Darwaja - (3).jpg

  • Bhadra Darwaja - Rulers from other states entered the city through Bhadra Darwaja.

          File:Bhadra Fort.JPG

  • Lal Darwaja - Lal Darwaja once stood in front of Siddi Sayyed Mosque.
  • Shahpur Darwaja - People reached Sabarmati River by accessing Shahpur Darwaja.
  • Khanpur Darwaja - Khanpur was an entrance to the King's garden.
  • Jamalpur Darwaja - Jamalpur Darwaja was an exit point to Vadodara and other cities.
  • Halim Darwaja - Halim Darwaja once stood in Shahpoor. Soldiers used to march into the city through this gate.
  • Mauda Darwaja - Mahudha Darwaja was built in Panch Kuva area. It was a goods' passage.
  • Khan-a-jahan Darwaja - Khan-a-jahan Darwaja was an emergency exit.
  • Raikhad Darwaja - People used to go to the Sabarmati through Raikhad Darwaja.
  • Ganesh Darwaja - Ganesh Darwaja once stood in area that's currently tucked under Ellis Bridge. It provided people access to the Sabarmati river.
  • Kharu Darwaja - Kharu Darwaja was built in Karanj to provide soldiers an additional post.
  • Kalupur Darwaja - Food supplies were brought into the city through Kalupur Darwaja.
  • Raipur Darwaja - Commoners used Raipur Darwaja to enter and exit the city.
  • Sarangpur Darwaja - People used to enter and exit the city through Sarangpur Darwaja.
  • Dariyapur Darwaja - Soldiers and their convoys used to pass through Dariyapur Darwaja.
  • Salapas Darwaja - Salapas Darwaja stood in the area which is currently close to Advance Talkies. The Queen's convoy used it.

Apart from these Gomtipur Darwaja and Shah-e-Alam Darwaja exist in Modern day Ahmedabad.

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