Foods in Ahmedabad in Monsoon

In Ahmedabad, monsoons are much cherished and with the first rains comes an array food to welcome the rains. All young couples, friends, childrens, even old peoples enjoys the first monsoon.

In Ahmedabad, the first rain is celebrated with a long queue at shops selling hot Dal Vadas and Bhajiyas. Most Amdavadis will swear by dal vadas with fried green chillies when the rains are pouring. It's really comforting to sit at home with a cup of hot drinking chocolate and enjoy the lashing rain. Staying indoors during the rains and reveling in the beauty of falling raindrops might be a luxury for many. But then there are always comfort food which will add more warmth to your soul on a rainy day.

Comfort Foods of Amdavadis during monsoon are:

  • Soup - When you are staying indoors during the rains, a bowl of piping hot soup can elevate your soul.
  • Kadak chai - On a rainy evening, a cup of adrak pudina chai (ginger mint tea) is perfect. If you love to be outdoors, go for a ride to soak in the rains and then stop at a roadside tea stall to have your share of cuppa.


  • Chips and Dip - Yes, easy to make and great to have on a rainy day. Curl up with a book and savor your chips with a cheesy dip. Or better still pick up your favourite DVD and then enjoy the movie with your fill of chips and dip. Well, this is not the time to think about dieting.


  • Pakodas - Nothing can beat the joy of having pakodas during the rainy season. Choose from onion, potato, green chilly, paneer pakodas and enjoy the 'fried' fare with fried green chillies and chutnies. Once in a while you can definitely indulge.

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  • Brownies and Cakes - For those persons who love their share of sweet fare, then go for a 'sizzling' brownie with chocolate sauce.


  • Corn/Bhutta - It is really a common sight to see people of Ahmedabad waiting patiently on road while the hawker prepares their bhutta. Bhutta is nothing but a sweet corn which is roasted on hot coal and red chilli powder mixed  with salt is rubbed on the sweet corn with a slice of lime.


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