The Street Food of Ahmedabad

Street food is the favourite food of many Gujaratis, as is evident when most after dinner walks end up with a round of snacks. Ahmedabad, the commercial capital of Gujarat,is one place where street food comes in all tastes & flavours & is much loved by the locals who are natural gourmet revellers. Many areas in Ahmedabad have food stalls & brilliant eateries.Manek Chowk, that doubles up as a book-lovers paradise & an eat-out hub is conspicuous for the over 100 year old Chandra Vilas hotel. Chandra Vilas is home to first-rate Fafada & Farsan delicacies in an assortment of flavours. The fafda, a kind of fried snack made from Channa Atta, is everyone’s favourite.
The sandwiches available in the surrounding area are compelling to say the least. It is not easy to resist the Pineapple & the Ice cream sandwich. The young or the old cannot seem to have enough of the scrumptious fare on offer.
The simple Egg, one of the most nutritious food turns into a sublime delicacy in the speciality restaurant R.K Egg Eatery. The restaurant dishes out a mind boggling more than 250 egg preparations & is a favourite with the students of the National School of design in Pardi who can be seen going gaga over the spread.
The Khau Galli lives to its name with some of the most delectable cuisine including the Chinese & Italian. This is besides the usual Ahmedabadi fare. Some of the not-to-miss delights include the evergreen Pav-Bhaji, Chaat’s including the mouth-filling Pani-puri. Another delight, the boiled corn, can make your day.
The Gathiya Rath, is another place famed for its collection of fried snacks. Ahmedabad’s all time hits like the Khaman Dhokla are a rage in old Ahmedabad’s Raipur Bhajia House. The Khaman Dhokla, made from Curd & gram flour has travelled worldwide, but the sheer delight in having the Khaman Dhokla in the Gathiya Rath is unforgettable.
The Bhajiya, the ubiquitous Indian pastime food draws foodies like moth to a fire. Try the Bhajiya’s at the Bhajiya Stall run by the inmates of the Sabarmati jail. popularly known as “JAIL BHAJIYA” .You will be lucky to grab a quick bite if at all, as the place is known for its long queues.
If you thought the meat-eater would be famished in Ahmedabad, think gain.Though largely vegetarian the compulsive non-vegetarian has all the freedom to indulge in a wholesome treat in the Bhatiyar Gali at Teen Darwaza, where Fish, Mutton & Chicken preparations send for the Shaukeen. The narrow lane has a chain of non-vegetarian food outlets that dish out Fried Fish, Chicken, Rogan josh amongst other meaty morsels .The Kheema Samosas of Bhatiyar Gali are like no other.
Juhapura is another jaunt the non-vegetarian food lover must make. The choice here ranges from the Chicken Dana to the Red Chicken roasted Tandoori- both in a class of their own.
At highly affordable prices there is little you could do to resist the irresistible street-food culture in Ahmedabad. You will surely carry some home for family.

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