Trimandir Adalaj

A gorgeous non-sectarian Trimandir inspired by Akram Vignani Pujya Dada Bhagwan has taken shape at Adalaj on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

Simandhar City,
Ahmedabad-Kalol Highway,
Adalaj Dist Gandhinagar-382421
TELE - +91 79 3974100


The sankul is situated 18 km from Ahmedabad on the Mehsana – Ahmedabad highway; 8 km from Gandhinagar (Capital, Gujarat State). Various social and charity activities are carried on from the campus here.

Structure :

The Trimandir is a two storey structure whose ground floor comprises of an acoustically treated sound proof hall with marble flooring. The hall having the seating capacity of 10000 people is a subtle blend of modern technology and traditional Indian culture and is the biggest of its kind in Gujarat. Three jumbo projector screens facilitate the audience in every nook and corner of the hall to view the Speaker on the 38 feet long stage. The intricate carvings on pink sandstone from Bansi Pahadpura (Rajasthan) adds to the beauty of the hall.
The main hall of the temple is 10000sq ft and the podium is 20000 sq ft. 108 feet high shikhar on the Sanctum of Shi Simandhar Swami comprises of 70 smaller shikhars. Considering the weight of the idols and a future of 700-800 years, the foundation wall of 9 feet thickness has been constructed.
The majestic gold plated crown of Shri Simandhar Swami weighs 65 kg and the 6 feet high kalash weighs 150 kg. The sanctum of Shivji and Krishna Bhagwan has similar grandeurness . At night the brilliant illumination lights lits up the grand Trimandir.

Idols :

The central sanctum of the temple has a 13 feet high idol of Shri Simandhar Swami weighing 18 tones. The idol of His shaashan dev Shri Chandrayan Yaksh and devi Shri  Panchanguli Yakshini are also placed. It also houses the idols of Shri RushabhDev Bhagwan, Shri Ajitnath Bhagwan , Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan and Shri Mahaveer Bhagwan, Shri Chakreshwari Devi and Shri Padmavati Devi. The first sanctum of the trimandir includes the Shivling, Parvati Devi, Hanumanji and Ganpatiji whereas the third temple includes Shri Yogeshwar Krishna Bhagwan, Tirupati Balaji Shri Shrinathji, Shri Bhadrakali Mataji and Shri Amba Mataji.

Pranpratistha :

The Pran Pratistha Mahotsav of the divine temple was scheduled during 25th to 29th December, 2002. A shobhayatra was organized on the 28th December 2002 and the main programme of Pran Pratistha was on the 29th December 2002.

Activites : Present and Future

There is provision for lodging and boarding at the sankul. The present activities are Amba Aarogya Kendra providing medical aids to the common public at a very nominal charge and a gurukul - the earthquake victim children are brought up here so as to give provide them higher education and sanskar. The future projects include setting up an educational institute and a home for the old.
Dadashri’s gnan vani as recorded in the form of question answers is edited and published by Dr. Niruben Amin on various spiritual topics such as Who am I ? The Science of Karma, Aptavani, etc and on social topics like generation gap, Dealings in money, Relations between husband and wife, etc.
Currently, Dr. Niruben Amin’s Satsang is telecasted on Gurjari, Alpha Gujarati, Aastha, etc. television channels in India and on Zee and Asia channels in Hindi in the US and UK.

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