Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day is to celebrate your friendship, make your bond stronger with your friends, cherish old memories and creating some memorable moments. It is a perfect day to let your friends know how much they mean to you. Friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of August and Friendship day 2013 is celebrated on August 4, Sunday.

Ideas for celebrating friendship day:

At times you don’t get any ideas for celebrating friendship day. The best way to celebrate friendship day is to spend some quality time with your friends and have gala fun with them. Here are a few great ideas for organizing a friendship day party:

In House Party: This is one of the best ways for celebrating this day. You can organize a party in your home. You can prepare invitation card for all your friends. Decide a theme for the party like Movie theme, Halloween, sports or cowboy theme. Decorate the place according to the theme. Organize non-competitive games, music and food. Have a blast with your friends.

Picnic Or Camping Out: Choose a place for a picnic or camp along with your friends. Drive down there together. You can do plenty of activities there like having a bonfire, play volleyball, cricket or rugby. If you go to a beach, you can go for swimming as well. Explore the place and have fun.
Movie and Gaming Party: You can plan for a movie with your friends. Go for a movie which is based on friendship or a comedy movie so that you can have fun watching the movie and remember your funny incidents and mischief together. You can also go for some gaming activities like bowling, billiards or golf together.

Go Out For Dinner: You can go out for dinner with your friends at a place which is the favorite hangout for you and your friends. Raise toast for your friendship. You can have long talks over dinner, play games and spend some good time together. You can also organize a dance party in a pub, disco or private hall with your friends and dance on your favorite tunes.

Recollecting Memories: If it has been too long that you haven’t seen your friends. This is the best day to catch up with your friends. Call your friends over your place. Recollect your old memories of how you became friends, your fights, your secrets, your movies together, your crushes. Go through old photos with your friends. Talk about your future plans. Order some food and drinks or you all can have fun cooking something together. Make them feel special

Apart from the party, here are few things you can do for your friends to make them feel special:
Make simple friendship bands for your friends on your own. You can also make some unique bands using your creativity and skill.

Make handmade gifts for your friends like a photo frame, a friendship card, a photo album or a letter. If you can’t make, you can buy some inexpensive gift for your friends.
You can also dedicate a song for your friends on the radio or write a blog dedicated to your friends and friendship.

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