Heritage Festival at Bhadra Fort

When it comes to monuments in Ahmedabad, Bhadra fort is one name that indeed deserves a special mention. The entry of the fort is so outstanding with splendid arches that people would definitely get lost when they visit the interior of the fort.


19 November 2014 : The Bhadra Festival 
Venue : Bhadra fort, Teen Darwaza, Ahmedabad

21 November 2014 : The Sufi Festival
Venue : Sarkhej Roja, Ahmedabad

23 November 2014 : The Water Festival
Venue : Adalaj ni Vav, Ahmedabad 

Bhadra Fort

Newely Renovated Bhadra Fort

The newly renovated Bhadra Plaza in the walled city will resonate with some soul stirring music on November 19. The plaza, which is the country's first pedestrian project, will host the beginning of the 'Craft for Art' heritage musical festival with a lit up Bhadra fort and the Teen Darwaza as the backdrop. The venue will then shift to Sarkhej Roza on November 21 for a Sufi music festival and then to Adalaj ni Vav on November 23 for the water festival.

Founder of the Craft for Art initiative : Birwa Qureshi

Adalaj ni Vav

Sarkhej Roza

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