Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad has got amazing new rides.........WOW!!!

Roller coaster

Ahmedabad get ready for a thrilling Roller coaster ride at Kankaria. The boomerang Roller coaster is being installed by Amrapali industries,which is one among the two agencies that will set up rides at Balvatika. This Roller coaster is the first of its kind with a track length of 185 meters and is said to achieve speeds of up to 105.6 km/h. Besides this one they have rides like the Mega Disco, the Tall Tower which is a 60 feet tall structure, the Sky Fly, the Sleeping Action, the Carousel, the Maverick, the Vertical Swing, the Ring of Fire and a Paint-Ball Arena as well. Kids will love the paintball as it involves forming teams and shooting down opponents using a paint ball gun. Amrapali Funland has also promised to come up with other thrilling rides in the future as well.

Inaugurated by :
Chief Minister of Gujarat, Anandiben Patel

For full package : Rs 500 per person
Ticket price of the Roller coaster : 200 Rs per person for a 10 minute ride.
Rules : Children below 5 years won't be allowed to board it.

Gate No. 5, Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad.

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Mega Disco

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