Filmograph Film Festivals are organized every year in Ahmedabad since 2011 by various civil society groups. Film being the powerful media chosen by Filmograph to portray some of the issues embroiled in theme based films.

Every year there are two major film festivals one is based on feature films while the second is based on documentary films. The main objective is to engage audience, the very people of city to interact, speak up and think over the burning issues that should disturb us, engage us to talk about and act upon in some way or the other way that we can do. 

Filmograph is especially keen to engage youngsters to get involved in these festivals. Filmograph link audience with famous film personalities like actors, film directors and writers to discuss about the films, understand social issues covered in the film and special perceptions which are used for making such films. In all idea is also to bring diverse perceptions of audience on one stratum so proper sensitization can be occurred through debates. 

In past three years there are 5 of such film festivals have been organized and over 3000 people have participated in these festivals. Main themes covered till now under Filmograph are communalism, migration, development and cast atrocities..

From 5th to 7th December Rangmandal is organizing Filmograph Fest. The other details are given below:

5th to 7th December

Pritamnagar Akhada, 
opp. Sadhana School, 


5th December 2014 - Friday - 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm
1. A talk by Anand Patwardhan
2. Uthan de Vela (A Time to Rise) : Film on immigrant workers' fight to unionize
3. Pita, Putra aur Dharmyuddh (Father, Son and Holy War) : Film on men, religion and violence

6th December 2014 - Saturday - 9:30 am to 9:00 pm

* (morning session) 9.30 am to 12.30 noon :
1. Jang Aur Aman (War and Peace) : Film on war-mongering, nuclear tests & jingoist nationalism

* (afternoon session ) 1.30 to 9 pm :
1. Ram Ke Naam (In the Name of God) : Film that exposes political communal agenda
2. Jai Bhim Comrade : Film on untouchability and Dalit movement & struggle for equality
3. Zameer Ke Bandi (Prisoners of Concience) : Film on traumatic political period - Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi 

7th December 2014 - Sunday - 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

* (morning session) 9.30 am to 12.30 noon :
- Screening of 5 short films : 
1. Ribbons for Peace, 
2. We are Not Your Monkeys, 
3. Occupation : Millworker,
4. mages You didn't See, 
5. Children of Mandala

* (afternoon session ) 1.30 to 5 pm :
1. Hamara Shahar (Bombay our City) : Story of the daily battle for survival of the 4 million slum dwellers of Bombay 
2. Kranti Ki Tarange (Waves of Revolution) : Emergency in 1974-75, Jayprakash Narain - JP's Bihar Kranti
3. Fishing in The Sea of Greed : Traditional fishing is under threat from industrial fishing
4. Narmada Diary : non-violent protests movement that has become symbol of a global struggle against unjust development.
5. Un Mitran di Yaad Pyari (in Memory of Friends) : The violence and terror in Punjab, India – a land torn apart by religious fundamentalists and a repressive government.

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** DAILY TICKITS : Rs 25/- ** 
Note : Participate in 1 or both sessions of the day, see 1 or all the films of the day.. as time permits.

11 Documentaries & 5 Short Films, in 3 days (5 sessions)...

Anand Patwardhan is one of the most distinguished and certaily the most controversial documentry filmmakers who has worked on a variety of subjects like corruption, city slums, the caste system, and on injustice faced by women for nearly three decades. Do not miss chance to interact with Very eminent & renowned documentary film maker Anand Patwardhan..... with screening of all his films....

A collaborative by Darshan Organization, Apna Adda with support from : 
Insaf, Himmat, JanVikas, Prashant, Waves, Gurjarwani, Concern & Act, Aman Samuday, Lok Kala Manch

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