Gardens of Ahmedabad

We all know Ahmedabad for lakes, museums, malls and monuments. But our "City of Walls"  is also well known for Lush Green Parks and Beautiful Gardens.

Here we list some of the Best Gardens Of Ahmedabad:

Law Garden is located near the Law College. This Garden is open for public and it is maintained by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. During early mornings people enjoy doing Exercise and Yoga. During Night, this garden is surrounded by street hawkers selling food, clothes and handicraft items.

Parimal Garden has lots of greenery. It also have a Pond and a fountain surrounded by children's play area and lawns. People of Ahmedabad are fitness conscious and hence this park is fully loaded with people doing exercise, jogging and yoga every morning and evening. This park is very neat and green.

Vastrapur Lake Garden is located around Vastrapur Lake. This Garden is newly developed in the midst and has hospitals, malls, residential area, shops, schools, offices, etc surrounding it. This garden gives good scenery to nearby residents. People enjoy their small picnics and local food in this garden.

Victoria Garden is located in southern edge of Bhadra Fort.This garden was build over 200 years ago by Britishers.  There is also a statue of Queen Victoria. Garden has lots of trees, shrubs and grass which attracts people and even tourist to visit.

In order to making city more green and beautiful, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) developed their own Parks and Gardens. AMC has also taken special measures to improve environment through greening the city by roadside plantation, improving the parks and gardens and development of urban forestry in various municipal plots in the city.In order to spread awareness among people, door-to-door distribution of plants is carried out during the Monsoon. These gardens are very popular among people to enjoy greenery.

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