Top 12 Outing and Picnic Spots Around Ahmedabad

Forget Goa and Switzerland in Your Backyard. Here we list down some of the Spectacular Locations  around Ahmedabad, offering Cultural Treasures and Eco-Tourism Experience. These are the Outing Spots that you can visit and enjoy with you friends and family. Have a look:

1. POLO - VIJAYNAGAR (Distance: 148 km)

How to get there: Drive on the Ahmedabad-Himmatnagar Highway and take a left on the Idar-Ambaji Road.
What to do there: This scenic sensation is a great place to unwind. The old palace and the royal tank afford exquisite vistas. Vestiges of Jain shrines retain their grandeur.
About the place: The ancient Polo city up came up around Harnav, now in Sabarkantha district. Even Puranas refer to water body.

2. LOTHAL (Distance: 80 km)

How to get there: On the Ahmedabad-Rajkot Highway, turn left at Vataman Crossroads.
What to do there: It will be a rewarding experience to visit the museum outside the historical site; it contains treasures from another age.
About the place: The town planning of this site - a notable Harappan archaeological zone - was considered to be ahead of its time. The lock-gated dockyard here is arguably the finest examplar of maritime architecture of the ancient world. The site is near the village if Saragwala in the Dholka taluka.

3. MODHERA SUN TEMPLE (Distance: 96 km)

How to get there: drive on the road towards Bechraji on the Ahmedabad Mehsana Highway.
What to do there: The centerpiece of this magnificent complex is the breathtaking kund. All around are elements that show why the temple is a tour de force of architecture.
About the place: This Solanki period gem is located is Mehsana district.

4. JAMBUGHODA (Distance: 180 km)

How to get there: Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway - Halol-Pavagadh route.
About the place: Jambughoda bristles with leopards, which combine grace with extraordinary power. Moreover, other wildlife species - like deer and beers - thrive in the area. Great views can be enjoyed from the kada and Targol dams. The forest department provides eco-tourism facilities and a number of resorts are also available. In the pre-Independence era, the site belonged to the Jambughoda princely state. You can add Champaner to the itinerary because this World Heritage Site is only 20 km from Jambughoda.

5. VADNAGAR (Distance 103 km)

How to get there: On the Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, take the right turn on the Visnagar road.
What to do there: The blessed waters of the Shakti Tirth are believed to be an antidote to leprosy. Legends flow easily in this sylvan world. The town, once called Chamatkarpur, was the base of the famous rishi, Yagyavalkya or "Master if the Vedas".
About the place: The lineage of the city can be retraced to 2,500 BC. It is in Mehsana district.

6. TARANGA HILLS (Distance:130 km)

How to get there: Take the Ahmedabad-Mehsana -Visatnagar route and drive 20 km from Vadnagar.
What to do there: Jain temples and the fort of Anartpur will present unique sights and stories. You will also be able to get a tantalizing sense of the secrets of the recently discovered Tantrik Buddhist shrines of Taranmata and Dharanmata of the Buddhist goddess Taraa.
About the place: For the Jains, Taranga - 20 km from Vadnagar - is one of the five most important Mahatirthas.


How to get there: Take the Ahmedabad-Bhavnagar Highway, turn left from Pipli-Ferara link road.
What to do there: Imagine a congregation of more than 1,500 Harrier Hawks. That daunting, fascinating sight is a commonplace feature at dusk in the sanctuary. Among the highlights of the visit will be an interaction with the Kathi community which protects the black buck.
About the place: The sanctuary in Bhavnagar district teems with black bucks, Blue Bull, Antelope, Wolves, Jackal, Hyena, Wild Boars and Jungle Cat.

8. RANI KI VAV (Distance: 126 km)

How to get there: Take the Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway and take the left turn on the Patan Road.
What to do there: The stepwell, recently anointed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a 1,000 year old Marvel. Besides the stepwell, with its ravishing carvings, you will find lakes such as the Sahstraling Sarovar. The sarovar is a landmark in history and architecture. Patan town is known for its Patola Sari, a product of hand-woven art that is famous across the world.
About the place: The stepwell is the most glorious reminder of the golden period of Gujarat under the Solankis.

9. DASADA WILD ASS SANCTUARY (Distance: 95 km)

How to get there: Take the Sarkhej-Sanand Road and drive to Zehnabad.
What to do there: As you procees on the highway you will be able to see herds of the endangered will ass. The sauntering animals can break into a gallop suddenly.
About the place: The wild ass sub-species of the Indian Wild Ass finds this sanctuary in the Little Rann of Kutch to be one of its last abodes.

10. CHAMPANER - PAVAGADH (Distance:150 km)

How to get there: Take Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway and then zoom on the Vadodara-Halol Highway.
What to do there: Stunning human creations inspired by devotions - temples and fort mosques - are framed by peerless designs of nature.
About the place: Numerous Hindu and Jain temples hare have been offering solace and hope for a thousands years. You will also find mosques from the Gujarat Sultanate period. This UNESCO world Heritage site is the pride of the Panchmahal district.

11. NAL SAROVAR BIRD SANCTUARY (Distance: 54 km)

How to get there: Take the Ahmedabad-Sanand Road and turn left from Sanand Crossroads.
What to do there: Boats will take you deep into the domain of the birds like flamingos, pelicans and cranes. You can check into shacks on the islands and feast on the meditative scene.
About the place: The water body, spanning a 100 sq km area, is ringed by marshes.

12. THOL BIRD SANCTUARY (Distance: 26 km)

How to get there: On the Sardar Patel Ring Road, turn left from Shilaj Crossroads and cruise straight ahead.
What to do there: Well, even before you reach this avian paradise, you will be able to spot birds in pools and canals en route.
About the place: The sanctuary nurtures more than 100 species of birds - including cranes, geese, flamingos, pelicicans, egrets, herons, spoonbills, ducks, and whistling teals. The shallow freshwater body is enclosed by marshes and scrubby forests.

So Plan your Picnics and Outings at these places nearby Ahmedabad this Weekend.............

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