Chandola Lake, an artificial water lake which is situated at Dani Limda Road. Chandola lake is water reservoir in circular form used mainly for the irrigation as well as industrial purpose. Water of the lake was also used for the agriculture and processing of waste oil and plastics.

Chandola lake. Chandola, Shah-e-Alam Roja, Dani Limda Road, Ahmedabad.

Established By:
Wife of Mughal Sultan of Ahmedabad named Tajn Khan Nari Ali

History Associated:
A history is also associated with this lake. Chandola lake was established by the wife of Mughal Sultan of Ahmedabad named Tajn Khan Nari Ali in order to serve people.
Bordering to the lake there lays a grave of Shah Alam and its dome is beautifully decorated by Asaf Khan, brother of Empress Noor Jahan.

Chandola Lake Development:
The lake is extended over an area of  1200 hectare. Chandola lake is a tourist attraction spot. People like to visit this lake mostly in the evening to spend some good time here.
The lake used to have clean water with the greenery surrounding it along with the fishes in the lake. The condition of the Chandola lake is now not good. The lake is surrounded with the garbage and filth and also water is now not good due to encroachment of the large scale industries.
AMC is planning to develop this lake.

Hope that Chandola lake will become as beautiful and helpful as it was used to be. 

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