Ahmedabad Basic Travel Tips

For people who are planning to travel to Ahmedabad, the city of imperial temples, wonderful museums and gorgeous lakes, we have provided some useful tips. If you go through the Ahmedabad travel tips, it will help to ensure your safety in the new city. The tips for Ahmedabad travelers that we have given will not only help you to take care of your belongings, but also ensure that you enjoy a smooth journey and a comfortable stay in Ahmedabad.

Check out some Basic Travel Tips for traveling to Ahmedabad:

Whenever you plan a trip to some new destination, always get your tickets booked in advance. When you know that your seats are already reserved, it enables you to travel at ease.

Give due respect to the customs and traditions followed in Ahmedabad. Don't use abusive or vulgar language that does not sound good to hear. By speaking bad words, you can even put yourself into trouble. So, don't perform any deeds that go against the code of conduct established by the localities.

Don't indulge in unethical actions like causing harm to the heritage buildings of Ahmedabad. If you dare to do so, you might have to face serious consequences.

Wherever you'll go, frauds would be surrounding you. So, you need to beware of them. Ensure your safety from the crooks. Right from porters to tourist guides to auto rickshaw drivers, they may try to cheat you by extracting more money and misguiding you.

Take adequate health precautions. Don't binge on unhygienic stuff. Avoid uncooked, raw and processed foods. Try to have a good quality and fresh food.

You can wear any kind of outfit in Ahmedabad, but don't put on costumes that reveal your body.

Don't move around in isolation. It is always preferable to walk in a group.

Don't travel in public transport with loads of cash in your pocket, as the pickpockets will always be having their eyes on you.

Most of the monuments in Ahmedabad require you to buy the entry ticket. In such cases, don't try to play games, because if you are caught visiting the monument without the ticket, you might be severely punished.

Keep all your valuables at a safe place.

Don't keep all your cash at one place.

When you arrive at the Airport, take the prepaid taxis or Rickshaws. These are government approved rates.

In Ahmedabad, always carry a Rickshaw fare card. Rickshaw drivers can be really nasty sometimes.

Always carry a bag of water with you. It is very necessary.

In winters, you will have to pack a lot of winter wear because of the cold. Summers are hot and therefore loose, cotton clothes will do.

Carry sunglasses, scarves and sunscreen lotion during summer visits. In winters, keep a moisturizer with you.

Try the local cuisine and street food of the city.

Bring a phrase book and city guide with you.

Be careful from thieves and take safety measures to protect your wallet.

Always wear a Helmet while 2 wheeler drive and Seat Belt while 4 wheeler drive.

Do not travel at night on your own unless you know any locals.

Do not wear a lot of jewellery while travelling and avoid carrying cash. Carry a debit card/credit card instead.

Do not litter the city.

Do not disrespect the local culture.




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