Ahmedabad was founded over the ancient settlement of Ashaval in 1411 by Ahmed Shah I of Gujarat Sultanate. He built the first citadel Bhadra Fort starting from Manek Burj, the first bastion of the city.

The Bhadra Fort had eight gates excluding palace gates.

When the city expanded, Ahmed Shah built the second fort which was later fortified by Mahmud Begada in 1486.

The second fort had twelve major gates and other smaller gates. After arrival of railways, British built two more gates to facilitate the movement.

 Later the citywalls were demolished leaving the gates as monuments.

Here is the list of Gates and Darwajas in Ahmedabad

Gates of Bhadra Fort:
Bhadra fort had eight gates, three large, two in the east and one in the south-west corner; three middle-sized, two in the north and one in the south; and two small, in the west.

1. Lal Darwaza
2. Bhadra Gate (formerly Piran Pir's Darwaja)
3. Ganesh Bari or Gate
4. Ram Gate
5. Baradari Gate
6. Teen Darwaza
7. Salapas Gate
8. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

Gates of Second Fort:
In the city walls of second fort, there were eighteen gates, fifteen large and three small. Of the fifteen, one was closed, and two were added later.

1. Shahpur Gate
2. Delhi Gate (formerly Idariyo Gate)
3. Dariyapur Gate
4. Kalupur Gate
5. Sarangpur Gate
6. Raipur Gate
7. Astodiya Gate
8. Mahuda Gate
9. Jamalpur Gate
10. Khan Jahan Gate
11. Raikhad Gate
12. Manek Gate
13. Khanpur Gate

Two new gates added by British after the opening of railways connecting Bombay in 1864 to facilitate the movement of public.
1. Prem Darwaja (formerly Premabhai Gate)
2. Panchkuva Gate

Other Gates:
1. Kharu Gate
2. Halim ni Khidki
3. Gomtipur Gate
4. Shah-e-Alam Gate


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