Shamlaji, (Shamalaji) is a major Hindu pilgrimage center in Aravalli district of Gujarat, India. The Shamlaji temple is dedicated to Vishnu or Krishna is built probably in 11th century in Chaulukya style and renovated at least 500 years ago. Shamlaji temple is one the best three Vishnu temples of Gujarat along with Dwaraka and Dakor.

This magnificent temple stands amidst the enchanting natural beauty with high mountains and lush green forest and River Meshvo flows nearby. Behind the temple, a big lake is situated which is popular as Shyam Sarovar. The lake greatly adds to the beauty of the temple. 


Bal Gopal is a black representation of Vishnu worshiped at the Shamlaji Temple. This is one of the rare temples of Lord Krishna in which cow idols are also worshiped depicting his childhood as a cowherd. For the Vaishnav's Shamlaji is one of the hundred and fifty four most important places of pilgrimage in India.

Shamlaji temple is always been place of choice for archaeologist and art lovers for its artistic beauty in architecture and sculptures. Generously carved sculptures are of the real beauty. Gods, goddesses, humans, animals, flowers, nature.. a pleasant art work presents the pictures of beliefs and lifestyle of those timelines. Ramayana, Mahabharata and various stories from Puranas are depicted on the walls.

Temple will open at 6-00 pm
Mangala Aarti of 6-4 hours in the morning
Aarti decoration at 8-30 pm
The temple will be closed (to be held raj bhog) at 11-30 am
Temple will open (raj bhoga Aarti) hours of 12-1 pm
The temple will be closed (will podhi Thakorji) at 12-30 pm
The temple will open at 2-1 pm
Sandhya Aarti evening, 6-00 pm
Aarti night of sleeping 8-1 hours
Mangal Mandir (temple will be closed), at 8-30 pm


By Road:
Distance between Ahmedabad to Shamlaji is 130 km via NH48. which takes around 2 to 2:30 hrs. It is the most convenient way to reach Shamlaji.
Shamlaji is frequented by state transport buses from Himmatnagar and Ahmedabad.

By Rail:
There is 1 direct train(s) from Ahmedabad to Shamlaji.
It is the cheapest way to reach Shamlaji from Ahmedabad which takes about 3hr 55min.

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